Mobile Trends

Exponential Increase In Smart Phone Users

The next big wave is in the Smart Phone business, in Singapore, Smart Phone penetration has reach above the 75% mark. Out of 100 people more than 75 people owns and uses smart phone. The astonishing statistic is internet browsing using the Smart Phone and surpass internet browsing using desktops and laptops. Ineveitably, Mcommerce has also grown into a stagering amount.

Mobile Apps Downloads – Game Apps to Business Apps

Mobile application was popularised by games such as Angry bird and Candy Crush. However, business owners have now realised the power of mobile app in running their business, savings on marketing cost and increase engagement with their clients with functions like push notifications, Facebook, Youtube, built in Loyalty Program and etc.. In the long run, they reduces marketing cost, increase in sales and ultimately, improves in service quality and customer experiences

Why A Big Mobile App Market?

Mobile app development is still in the infancy stage and many business owners, still think that to develop a mobile app is costly, time consuming and complex to maintain. With Create App GABS System, all these concerns will be eliminated. Less than 5% of buinesses in Singapore owns a mobile app,